Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jason Burkhardt + Patrick Duffy :: bacon love

You Can't Not Eat Bacon (Vegetarians are Liars)_2.mp3
You Can't Not Eat Bacon (Vegetarians Are Liars) [Ragtime Cut]_2.mp3
You Ain't Stealing My Bacon (No Way) (Satan's Cut)_2.mp3
You Ain't Stealin' My Bacon (No Way)_2.mp3
Today Is A Terrible Day (Can't Get No Bacon)_2.mp3
The Bacon Fiend_2.mp3
My Baby Left Me (She Took My Bacon Too!)_2.mp3
Intro (B-Side Bacon)_2.mp3
Hot n' Ready_2.mp3
Come Closer (I Need to Smell That Bacon!)_2.mp3
Bacon Love (Finale)_2.mp3

-  Jason Burkhardt and Patrick Duffy have collaborated to form a genre that can only be described as psychedelic digital-blues rock.  In a time of five-digit synthesizers and mass over-production, it's great to flash back to the modern version of the wax recordings of the 1930's. Their ode to bacon, April's 'Bacon Love', goes unparallelled, a ten-minute tribute that combines [Burkhardt's] soulful range of emotions surrounding the crispy pork product with [Duffy's] unremarkable Tom Waits impression.   I guarantee you won't find anything like this online.

-- EDIT :: In a post-Megaupload world, 4shared requires an account to stream/download.  We're working on an alternative outlet ASAP, so take the following with a grain of salt --

'Bacon Love' is a Captain Captain Industries Official Promo.
Promos = Free downloads for all. ♫!

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