Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NEW! | "Oh Really" - Fooch Tha' MC

Brainiac Society
extraordinaire Fooch Tha' MC returns again with "Oh Really", the most recent installment of his 'New Music Monday' series. We're a day late on this one, seeing as our e-mail got absolutely lit up by a recent wave of spam, but we've always gotta give Fooch a shout or two, especially when he drops a new one on us. Keep your eyes peeled for Take Shape, Purple Asteroid Cadillac's debut album, slated to release in the near-future. Rumor has it that you'll be able to find it via an incredible amount of outlets, so definitely no excuses if you miss it. We'll keep you posted as well, but while you wait, get a taste of Fooch's latest and recap some of his most recent 'New Music Monday' tracks below :

OH REALLY by Fooch

TAKE A LOOK by Fooch

Rock the Show (feat. FOOCH the MC) by Fooch

Check out Born From A Tape, where you can find the latest and greatest from Fooch, Tha' P.A.C., and the rest of the Brainiac Society crew.

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