Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fooch Tha' MC - "Window Seat"

Fooch Tha' MC
Recent release(s) - "Rhythm & Barz", "Take Shape" (due Spring '12)

NEW | Check out the first music video from "Rhythm & Barz", hosted by DJ Kyung. "Window Seat" strongly utilizes Fooch Tha' MC's unmistakable lyrical quality, crafting an excellent mesh with the downtown-lounge piano that makes "Window Seat" a can't-miss. Check out Born From A Tape, where you can scope the latest and greatest creations to come from Fooch, Tha' P.A.C., and the rest of the Brainiac Society.

Bonus : Find the highly acclaimed "Rhythm and Barz" tape here!

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  1. Dope post bro! Thanks for all the support!


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