Monday, February 13, 2012

Made By Meg -

I awoke to a bit of a surprise this morning -- about an inch or two of light snow had slowly begun to accumulate, covering the winter-grass that had grown to be seemingly too familiar. It looks like we'll be having a 'white' Valentine's Day, making the last-minute scramble to buy those mass-manufactured chocolates and frozen flowers a difficult one, but it certainly got us thinking:

Why not break the typical clich├Ęs that follow this yearly tradition? Why not present your loved ones with a lasting gift from the heart? Why not help an aspiring small business with your seasonal shopping?

Made by Meg, an independently-run business out of Binghamton, New York, crafts some of the best hand-made socks, scarves, hats, and other accessories that we had ever come across. From unique coffee-cozies, ruffled scarves and comfortable yoga-socks to leg-warmers, beanies and headbands, Made by Meg has a fine array of true gifts that anybody would appreciate. Preview some selections below, or find the entire collection here -


The Captain's Personal Favorite :

(Note : we love everything MBM showcases;
this is a specific gift that really caught our eye)

Two close friends of the Industry are expecting their first child later this year, so we lit up when we came across this multi-colored textured hat, perfect for 0 - 6 months. Could anything be more adorable? How about the included baby-mittens, also 100% acrylic yarn? Makes you wish they had adult sizes, right? I love the fact that these feature both warm and cooler colors, making this ideal for any infant, male or female.

It's always fantastic to be introduced to new, rising businesses, and we hope you enjoy Made By Meg's talents just as much as we have. Do you have a project that would benefit from some exposure? Email us at for more information!

From the desk of,
Captain Captain Industries

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