Thursday, February 23, 2012


Ladies, Gents :

Excuse our unexplained hiatus -- those who follow us on Facebook know off-hand that we'll be experiencing some internet-related technicalities throughout the rest of February/early March. However, we'll be using this time to map out some new directions, including some new styles of musical production, new releases, (hopefully) some new connections, and well... if we told you all we had up our sleeves, we wouldn't have suspense on our side.

We'll be infrequently popping in-and-out throughout the next couple of weeks. Our posts may dwindle a bit, but the effort's still (mainly) there. We're taking interview applications, new artist affiliations and fan-suggestions! We'd love to hear some feedback from our faithful followers -- if we use your quick tips and hints (with your permission, of course!), we'll hit you up with some limited edition 'Captain Captain Industries' goodies. Questions/comments may be sent to

Oh, and one final note -- You've gotta check out our radio program (GREAT JOB, SOUND SQUAD!) on 100.1 KRUU FM. Locals can use their radio dials, but for our much larger international audience, feel free to visit KRUU FM's official website, and note the top-left-hand corner, where you can find a link that will sync our show with your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. Pretty fun stuff, and we jump at the chance to play YOUR music. Don't be shy :: we'd love to hear it! (tracks/artist info/'radio tag' submissions can also be sent to

From the desk of,
Captain Captain Industries

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