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C.C.I. Goes International; Our Interview with My Illusion Art -

As we roll into the later part of January, we've been connecting with some incredibly talented modern artists from all parts of the world. We had a chance to catch up with Mike Fronmüller, the creative force behind My Illusion Art. My Illusion Art comes to us from Stuttgart, Germany, approximately 4,700 miles from our head-office in here in Southeast Iowa.

[C.C.I.] What exactly is My Illusion Art? What would be the driving message you're trying to share with your fans?
[M.I.A.] I do designs for any purpose you need. I've concentrated on doing designs for bands in the metal-core genre. The most important thing [in my work] is giving every single piece of art a meaning inside. I really try to involve people in my artwork, getting them to think about it. My message - art with a meaning!

[C.C.I.] Who's behind My Illusion Art? Are you a team of designers, or the work of just one solo artist?
[M.I.A.] M.I.A is driven by myself. It's a one-man-project with [myself] as lead designer. There are many people who help me out. My family should be named first ... they always give me ideas and rate my designs before I show them to others. My friends spread the word and get me customers. I would love to work with other artists, so if there is anybody interested in my 'art with a meaning' - message me !

[C.C.I.] We noticed you have a couple of bands on your crew! Definitely elaborate on that!
[M.I.A.] I support my friends in local bands. First off : Nemesis. I did a lot of work for them such as their cover art for their new EP "Who am I?". You definitely have to check them out and even tell them that I sent you! The same thing [goes] for 'need2destroy' and 'Goodbye Sanity', who're well-known friends who helped [myself in] getting started in the biz'.

(Click here to get introduced to 'Nemesis'.)
(Click here to get introduced to 'need2destroy'.)
(Click here to get introduced to 'Goodbye Sanity'.)

Mike went on to dicuss the birth of My Illusion Art Apparel, or M.I.A.A. They have released one shirt thus far.

Do you have physical pieces in a gallery?
[M.I.A] Of course I have physical pieces of my art! Before I got my first Wacom Tablet, I did all my art [physically]. My whole living room is full of paintings. I made the mistake...of [painting directly on the walls of my living room] so I can't carry them around, but there is no gallery where you can find them. Maybe in far future, or if a dream will come true.

Do you have an online catalog for your fans?
[M.I.A.] The best way of staying in contact with me and my work is through Facebook. I am planning getting a website/blog with all of my art on it but I haven't had the time yet for learning HTML programming and doing it myself. Like me on Facebook! I will always post there if there's something new.

[C.C.I.] What are your plans for 2012? Any major projects in the works?
[M.I.A] First of all, I will buy a new Wacom Tablet (Wacom Cintiq) and hopefully it will improve my skills and my work-flow. I also want to give more attention to My Illusion Art Apparel, so be prepared -- there will soon be some new shirts.

What're the biggest components that separate M.I.A from any other artist out there?
[M.I.A] I would say none! Every artist who really loves doing designs will do as I. Have a look on the styles of the artist -- they're very different! If you like what you see, book that one! Customer support is very important. If I have the chance, I always visit them and speak to them directly with a bottle of beer in my hand. That means before drawing anything that we have a connection. There's no competition between myself and other artists. We all love art and that's what counts!

[C.C.I.] When was M.I.A. officially founded?
[M.I.A.] I started [My Illusion Art] some number of years ago for a friend. He wanted me to design a MySpace Page for his band "need2destroy". Without any knowledge of coding or even digital drawing, I promised him that I would do it. That was the beginning of M.I.A; officially founded... I would say last year. Before that, I was just playing around, finding my style and of course - training my skills!

[C.C.I.] Where do you draw some of your best inspirations from?
[M.I.A.] Inspiration is in life. Music is something that inspires me and something that I connect with. The best ideas I do have are while I'm driving my car. (A side note : I'm studying away from my home-town so I often drive long distances. Most of my inspiration is also while I'm drawing something. You will have the best ideas in action!

[C.C.I.] What's the biggest obstacle you've had to overcome so far in your work?
[M.I.A.] None!

[C.C.I.] Any advice for rising artists/designers?
[M.I.A.] I quote one of my most inspiring artist for that question. His name is Derek Hess and what he says is damn true!

My advice for anyone who wants to get involved with drawing based art: learn the fundamentals of drawing. This way you don't have to worry about how to draw something, your energy can be spent on what to draw. Content with confidence of your ability to execute it.”

-Derek Hess

Study other artists and find your own style. The most important thing is that you have to keep in mind that a single lead pencil stroke is also art!

**In summary, My Illusion Art is my graphical project I started a number of years ago for a friend. He wanted me to design a MySpace Page for his band "need2destroy". Without any knowledge of coding or even digital drawing, I promised him I would do it. That was the beginning of M.I.A. For me, it's very important that there's always a message or a story behind my artwork. That makes every single piece of art very unique to me, and also to the customer. Over the years, art became [one of the biggest priorities in life]. I mean art in every single way like music, drawings, dancing or whatever.

Grüße / Best regards Mike


Major thanks and appreciation goes out to Mike, My Illusion Art, My Illusion Art Apparel, and all of their future endeavors. We'll continue to follow this rising project -- something we recommend to our readers! We love holding interviews, so if you or somebody you know would be interested, reach us at!

From the desk of,
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