Monday, January 23, 2012

Big Catz Exposure

Just a quick note :

We received a nice little gift in the mail via Big Catz Exposure, a rising collective of radio program hosts that is owned and operated by the flourishing record company, 3Boyz Records. Featuring a loaded crew of devoted individuals that work around the clock to help today's surreptitious artists further craft and promote their own unique sounds. Big Catz Exposure's message has resonated hundreds and thousands of miles and finally here to the people of the Industry. Be on the look-out for Big Catz' radio program that is absolutely worth its weight in megabytes. Find Big Catz Exposure on Facebook, or go it 'em up at their official website. You can also find 3Boyz Records on Facebook, and be sure to 'bookmark' their 'site while your up and at it.

Bottom line : Thank you for sending us some great sticker schwag! We'll have to return the favor soon! (Interested in how you, the fan, could obtain one of our 'limited edition' stickers? Click here for more details!)

From the desk of,
Captain Captain Industries

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