Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Triptonikhan Releases Sophomore Effort, Occupy Everything

Triptonikhan has been a part of our vastly growing community for some time now, as one of his releases would end up being featured on our now-discontinued Captain Captain Industries Official Collaborative Mixtape Volume I. (Don't worry! If you missed it, we're planning on a limited time re-release in the future.)

For those not familiar, Triptonikhan is more than a musical project, and more like an incredibly abstract collective of genres, "ranging from Turkish folk music to the free speech movement at Berkeley." Blend this in with an electronic savvy, and you have a ten-track stock-pile of a literal audio adventure waiting to be heard. Take a dive into his sophomore effort, Occupy Everything, shoot some feedback, share some tracks with your buds, and keep a look-out for more releases in the future from our affiliated artists.

You can always find Triptonikhan on his official BandCamp page here.

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