Saturday, October 22, 2011

Notice :

Notice that C.C.I's running a little slower than usual? That's because we've been making some changes surrounding the website template and sifting through many new music submissions, sent in by several people who'd like nothing more than a little light on their projects. We promise we'll be back up again in no time.

Also, there's a chance, yes a chance, that we will have a limited re-release our first compilation mixtape. Originally released earlier this year, the Captain Captain Industries Official Collaborative Mixtape : Vol. I introduced us to handfuls of great under-the-radar talent, ranging from local groups to international acts. There's no green-light as of yet, but it's a thought.

On the other side of the coin, our "Hold That Tiger" EP-release has officially been discontinued. Featuring four of our first hip-hop instrumentals, HTT broke ground on 420chan, garnering generally positive reviews, with one member using our three-minute-release of "Bill Murray Beatz" as the backing track to an anti-drunken-driving video. There is no timetable for any re-release of the EP.

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