Monday, October 3, 2011

C.C.I. Presents : Ryan Nicholas Berretta

After a couple of intense sessions, the good ol' boys of Captain Captain Industries ran into a musician, composer, remixer, and producer by the name of Ryan Nicholas Berretta. After bangin' out to a couple of his original mixes, we decided it'd be proper to throw him a shout-out here on the blog. Guy's loaded with the social media, having everything from Google+ to Vimeo, so you have several different ways to check out how sick this dude's production level is. Gettin' work done! Take a listen to some of these off-the-wall mash-ups :

MASHUPS by RNBerretta

* You can find Ryan Nicholas Berretta's official website here. Check back often for more news on RNB or any other C.C.I.-affiliated artists! Catch us on in our official booth. Word.

** Big ups to all for getting us past that big 100-mark on Facebook. You 'da best. xxx


1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much guys! Appreciate the awesome write up :)


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