Monday, September 26, 2011

The Psicosis Heavy Metal Podcast

r. Robert Lopez, a long-time comrade of one of our senior editors, has recently taken the sounds of an unabashed metal onslaught and fused them together with a sleek weekly two-hour-long podcast. Deemed "The Psicosis Heavy Metal Show", this program is filled to the second with old school, adrenaline-fueled, underground metal. Robert features listener-friendly segments on his program, such as the 'album' or 'website of the week'. Listeners can also expect call-ins from various faces around the metal universe.

If it's up your alley, brace yourself for one-hundred-and-twenty minutes of an aerial ass-whoopin'.
Big thanks again to Robert for sharing this with us via our FaceBook Community.


  1. I'm going to give this a shot right now...

  2. Ergh, the varying levels of volume and not having any individual volume controls for that plug-in makes me sad. Pretty good stuff in there. It's what I remember headbanging being about as far as the vibe goes.


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