Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Pre-Paid" - Our Third Demo In 10 Days

*P R E - P A I D*

Pre-Paid (Version 3.5) by CaptainCaptainIndustries

Comments/notes definitely appreciated.

Hopefully getting vox on this one sooner rather than later. xxx


  1. I'm not sure where you guys where going with this, so this could either be good to hear or an eye opener. The first 1:17 felt like it could have been used in an episode of House. From there 'til 1:56 it seemed like something I'd hear at some chill lounge club type place. White furniture and classy people would come to mind (this is me with my eyes closed listening to your track). From there til about 2:20 is my favorite part of the song and I kinda wish it continued onto a more elaborate version of that as a drop, but then I also feel it would've gotten rid of it's great chill vibe AND been predictable. That one totally depends on what you were going with it. From there til about 3:22 it all felt like it transitioned perfectly, maybe a little slow at parts, but lounging or dancing it would work. From there til 3:53 it was like some hip "syfy" show and House had a baby show and that was it's theme music. Then it ended with that catchy ass tune you got going there. Nice way to end it imo. Overall I pretty much loved it. Downloaded it and everything, sweet track. Could use more of that catchy bit though! Or maybe finished with something elaborate that fades into the earlier simpler stuff or something. I don't know, I'm not a DJ.

    Thanks for the track dl though. =D

  2. That's one huge ass comment.. sorry..

  3. I liked it. Kind of chill but bouncy. Makes me wish I was way better at the robot. Or dancing in general for that matter. Or drunk so I wouldn't care how bad I am at dancing.


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