Sunday, May 8, 2011

Remix Tourneys

Quick little original vs. remix tournament. You down?

First off : Ke$ha's catchy club banger, 'Blow', complete with that chopped vocal chorus that has us suckered in to this guilty pleasure.

Ke$ha - "Blow"


Ke$ha - "Blow (Cirkut Remix)"


Next, Rihanna's slighly annoying tech-house single, 'S&M', complete with a video that we had to sign in to see. Pretty sleezy, bruh.

Rihanna - "S&M"


Rihanna - "S&M (JEarle Dubstep Remix)"


And finally, a (remix vs. remix) of a STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9) song, "Beyond Right Now". We're pitting the Glitch Mob against the ever-growingly popular Pretty Lights. What's your take?

STS9 - "Beyond Right Now (Glitch Mob Remix)"


STS9 - "Beyond Right Now (Pretty Lights Remix)"

You know what? We'll throw you a download link of that Pretty Lights remix.
Click here to see what we mean.

We're outta here. Sunday Funday. Have a great mom-oriented day, everyone!
-C.C.I. xx


  1. My favorite tracks here were by STS9! Have a great mothers day too!

  2. this is the stuff my GF listens too constantly

  3. Well I couldn't really fit into the Ke$ha songs. Even mixed. The remixed Rihanna song was alright I suppose. And the two last remixes are pretty neat themselves yeah! I likey the download link


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