Thursday, May 19, 2011

Did country music die ...

... and somebody just forgot to email me about it?

I'm not sure whether to call the Zac Brown Band a guilty pleasure. I don't care for most of what's coming out of the modern country landscape, but there are still some genuine artists that can move the genre out into a more widely accepting audience while turning heads and gaining fans. I'm sure every person has that select core of musicians/artists/anything(?) who cross those barriers. Taylor Swift? Yeah, thought so. Journey? Not our cup of Mr. T, but somebody out there reading this is probably blushing.

Anyways, back to the point. Country music simply doesn't sell like it used to. Yes, the country-faithful still have those blockbuster artists, but it just doesn't reach much of an audience anymore. The same party-Western theme faded years ago, and even ballads hate ballads, so why is country music still littered with stereotypes? Beats us. But hey, not our area to judge. :)

But you really should check out the Zac Brown Band. I don't know if that's entry-level country or what. I mean, they do have Grammy's... God, this would be a really weak country blog.

But we're street as hell.

From the desk of,
Mr. Sea Murda
Board Director/Vice Chairman

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