Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We're bouncing around this idea...

Just a quick update,

Whilst (unsuccessfully) shopping for a birthday present, I ran into an old family friend -- someone who'd been a notable character in my life, though I hadn't seen her in quite some time. Anyways, we started some mild shopping-aisle banter, only to discover that she'd lost her job, and had resorted to freelance screen-printing for various companies around town. Long story short, she offered to show me the ropes of the biz, even mentioning how it'd be a good way to make a little extra bank on the side. I'm already two steps ahead, and you've gotta know what I'm thinking about by now --

Captain Captain Industries T-shirts

No promises, but I felt like the idea should be shared to the community here at C.C.I. So, what do you think? With our recent logo design contest, as well as with our newly obtained fans, it seems like a premiere opportunity to take our word to the next level. Well, the 'our word' part of that sounded cult-esque, but you get what I'm saying. Let me know what you'd make of this --

C.C.I. President/Secretary of Creative Release


  1. well you know who to talk to...i got you covered on the production side. 4 color press in my lab for practice!


  2. Solo's got a 4 colored press?! Baller. Expect to hear from me real soon. I'd love to get to know the world of printing. Take a hiatus from producing for a minute. xx

  3. You certainly have enough designs at your finger tips.


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