Thursday, April 21, 2011

Skool'd - Cedar Falls Swaggin'

(Cedar Falls, IA)

Always good to have some refreshing new sounds, especially from the Midwest. Help get Skool'd on our Top 10 board by re-sharing this post, by checking out their tunes, and of course, by catching a show when you get the chance.

Take a trip to the new-school old-school :

Please Don't Go by Skooldlife

Meet the crew :


And get a feel for their album, All That Matters :
(download for free by clicking here!)

Connect with Skool'd through

-- C.C.I. xxx


  1. Very nice. VERY nice. Followed on everything but Facebook (which is affected by this Amazon business.)

  2. Pretty good. Sounds somewhat similar to Nujabes. Look em up.


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