Thursday, April 14, 2011

Petacular -

(Fairfield, Iowa)

Local bruddah' and mash-up whiz Petacular is known for a couple of things around our part of the woods -- Ballistic birthdays, and an unmatched love for all things electronic, and let me tell you, the dude can mash up some madness.

Get a feel for what we're talking about --

The guy's inspiration?

"I started DJing when I'd throw house parties my sophomore year in high school, [and] then I started making mash-ups to play at those parties. I started doing both with Traktor, and then moved on to Ableton Live, and recently, I've gotten myself a drum pad/midi controller".

Hell, works for us! One more preview? Yeah, you got it :


SoundCloudBro's! Go show Petacular some love (where you can also find free downloads!), and be sure to get at 'em on FaceBook here. Keep on comin' back for more local swaggin', national swaggin', and certainly, some international swaggin'. Ka-ching!

-C.C.I. xxx

1 comment:

  1. Love shown. NICE PROFILE PIC (on soundcloud) THERE, Petacular! :D


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