Tuesday, March 15, 2011

W. Travis - "The Machine"

I gotta tell you -- premieres like this make having the blog completely worth every ounce of energy we put into it. New to the world of Captain Captain Industries, local musician W. Travis drops a dreamscape of a track, complete with capos, ballet, and a hell of a voice to boot. He's even letting the public in on a little free-downloading action, courtesy of his sleek website, which you can find right here. Don't pass on this one - you may have just discovered your new spring jam. You know we did. Look out for his upcoming album, which drops in June.

Without further ado, Captain Captain Industries proudly presents :


W. Travis - "The Machine"

(feat. the talents of Chelsea Briggs)


And some lyrics, so you can sing along at home :

"I once knew how to love

Didn’t know what I was scared of

Desperation came at young age

Street lamps are burning

Clock hands are turning

Days of novelty have come

Please forgive me while I reconnect my head to my chest

It’s very complicated, the separation

And all my unrest

I follow everyone and sing

Quietly to myself

Laboring in the machine

Trying to sleep but my thoughts don’t let me."

C.C.I. xxx

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