Thursday, March 24, 2011

Clearly, it's March Madness...

Big ch-ch-ch-channnnges around the Industry!

First off, March has already been declared our biggest month yet, which means we've gotta figure out some way to pass that on to you...y'know, gift-wise. Some .mp3 action? Baller. Maybe we'll break out the ol' production equipment and make an exclusive track for all of our (even more!) loyal following. You will be the first to know, without a doubt.

Second, due to their growing following, Purple Asteroid Cadillac have finally risen up and taken the title of 'most popular featured artist', narrowly defeating long-time champs, The Olympics. Actually, I know of a little link that can get you some free P.A.C. jams; all courtesies going to ReverbNation and Fooch.

Finally, the biggest dynamic brother-duo since the Morris twins (Rock, chalk, Jayhawk!), Utopia Park, have just dropped their latest self-titled release (click!) fresh out of a spring mini-tour. Check out their C.C.I.-approved tour-blog, as well as their amateur space program, and their quest to catch the elusive Rumsfeld-lizard.

-C.C.I. xxx


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