Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gucci Mane's Frozen Face

Here we are at KRUU FM, doing our weekly radio show (Captain's Quarters; 5-6 pm!), when I came across Gucci Mane's latest FaceBook contest -- the first one-hundred friends holding his new album, Mr. Zone 6, got a free temporary ice-cream tattoo, resembling the one he permanently displays on his face.

Now, being as intrigued as I was, I did some research to find out exactly...well, why one would ink a six-inch ice-cream on your face. Turns out, the lemon-diamond clad rapper chooses to 'live his life as cold as ice', hence the ice-cream analogy here. Bold? Absolutely. Ridiculous? Your decision.

Gucci's a big hit/miss for me -- I vibe out to a lot of the dude's catalog, but a small chunk of his material doesn't bode well with my new Sony's. His assistance in Flocka's career makes up for it though. Huge WFF fan, in case you didn't know. Ba-ba-bowww!

Just a quick update, and always check us out every Thursday for some fre$h tunes. 'Til then, we're still accepting submissions for a new mixtape -- is where to do it!

-C.C.I. xxx

1 comment:

  1. "Ridiculous? Your decision."

    My decision is that it is ridiculous.


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