Saturday, March 19, 2011


After months of editing, we've finally made our word true : Behold --

Captain Captain Industries Official Mixtape - Vol. I

Shout-outs to every one of these irreplaceable artists, as without them, this clearly would not have been possible, as well as every one of you -- our following defines us. We couldn't ask for better readers. We're already taking submissions for Volume II, and you can send your submissions to We look forward to your reviews, criticisms, submissions, and most of all, your interest.

Do us a favor -- bump this out of your speakers. Share with your friends, family, and other musicians who you think would benefit from some talent-showcasing. Everybody's submissions will be reviewed, rated, and probably featured on upcoming blog-posts. Follow us through Google Reader, or our ever-growing FaceBook group, which you can 'like' at the top of our page.

Have a great night everybody -- you know we will.


* Bill Murray Beats - Original Production
* Natalie Portman (Prod. by Little Ruckus) - Lane Weaver
* To the Top - Purple Asteroid Cadillac
* Memory Lane - Fooch Tha' MC
* The Battle of China - Spank the Chemical Christians
* Theme - Ligidium (C.C.I. Debut!)
* From Her - Lane Weaver
* Goodbye - Heath Morris
* Rough Eels! vs. Open Your Heart - Original Production
* Ex Nihilo - Schismatic
* Smoke Over Santa Cruz - Triptonikhan
* Let's Kill Will - The Olympics
* Florida - Library of Alexandria
* I Want You Back (M. Jackson Cover) - Abigail Frerichs
* Piano Beats - Original Production
+ 5 Secret Bonus Tracks

C.C.I. xxx


  1. That theme music was not by me.
    It was by:

  2. Thanks for featuring me. Loving a lot of these songs. Well worth the download.


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