Thursday, February 17, 2011

Triptonikhan - Munchausen by Proxy

Valentine's Day saw C.C.I. online comrade, Triptonikhan, drop his newest EP, entitled Munchausen by Proxy. I've tried to describe Trip's sound to numerous people in person, but it really is something that you've gotta try for yourself before you can fully understand. I'm an avid fan of everything I've heard from this gent' -- not to mention the lucid, dreamscape-esque album art that accompanies his tracks.

Give this a listen -- I doubt you've heard anything quite like this before :

Triptonikhan's Official BandCamp Profile

Another quality connection via our 420chan family. Be on the look-out for new music profiles, and new members to the Captain Captain Industries community, but until then, I advise y'all start vibin' to Trip's new beats.

Peep Triptonikhan's Facebook page here.

- C.C.I. xxxx

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