Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mobile Blogging

First off, let us just say Happy New Year's. 2010 saw the birth of Captain Captain Industries, and we expect to pick up right where we left off of last year, with more under-the-radar, quality music, more dynamic art, digital or otherwise, more local event information, and more of the best readers anyone could ask for. We'll be back in the office later this week with Solo's photoshoot, Sweat Power details, and a mixtape stemming from Sweat Power '11. Share Captain Captain Industries with a friend. Let him/her know that if they've got some talent, energy, and personality, then we have a place for them. Be sure to scroll down to our nice FaceBook application, where you can subscribe to our FB page and recieve the lastest swag when it happens. We've got a big week ahead. I'm sure you do too. Just make sure to include CCI in your plans. - CCI xxxxx

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