Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hello Stranger #5 - Krovo

I was going to write an entirely original piece on our featured artist Krovo, but after reading his page, I really don't think I could sum it up any better.

Directly from his bio :

"Krovo is an abstract musical project of user DefaultXR. He is very interested in creating a continually evolving and shifting sound - often the parts of the music sound slightly different each time they occur. Krovo’s songs can sometimes sound messy and random because structure is buried under a plethora of effects, LFOs, and random variables. This can be partially attributed to a fascination with nature, which might seem completely arbitrary to those who choose not to understand the order and purpose behind it all.

Krovo’s musical influences include glitch, noise, hip-hop, industrial, breakcore, punk, math, and video games. Krovo’s abstract and non-musical influences include love, autumn, evolution, chaos, nature, and the sense of vision. All of these inspirations can be heard in Krovo’s sound. For example, sounds are often made in attempts to create audio versions of visual things - a texture within a song might be an attempt to make the sound of what the ground looks like.

The sounds are produced in a variety of ways - usually digitally but not always on computers. For software, FL Studio, Audacity, LMMS, MilkyTracker, and Pd have all been used at some point. Hardware used by Krovo includes: Alesis Micron, Roland SP-404, and microphones.

Krovo has released three albums and five EPs thus far:

Skk - debut album, psychedelic rhythmic noise.
Noiser - first EP, harsher, more abstract sounds.
Find - second EP, much more conventional rhythmic electronica.
Senkyder - second album, dense rhythmic noise and poppier tunes.
Oktrans - third EP, autumn-inspired textures and melodies.
Diskyder - fourth EP, dark ominous remixes of Senkyder tracks.
Axis - fifth EP, sometimes glitchy, always evolving.
Xyko - third album, composed 100% of synthesizer glitches.

Krovo has also made a total of three remixes for other artists, as well as various ringtones.

All of Krovo’s music is available for free download online via the netlabel K-PDT, and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. This means that you are free to copy, modify, and distribute it, as long as you provide credit and are not using it for commercial purposes."

- Krovo's biography

He seriously made my job that much easier. Here's to Krovo -- our most blog-prepared artist thus far.

Sleep well, everyone!
C.C.I xx

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