Sunday, December 19, 2010

Heath Morris

Big, big week for the Industry, as we've got Sweat Power details to be pushin' out, clothing lines to share, and well...I won't spoil any more for ya'.

First up on our list? Local producer, Heath Morris.

Heath used to release work under the name 'Siamey', but alas, he's ditched the alter ego, and now goes solely by his legal name. From Iowa to Canada, and back to Iowa again, Heath's got a pretty nice collective of experiences, influences, and sounds that he applies to his productions -- his latest EP, 'Night Sounds', just dropped on iTunes, and I gotta say -- this EP is off-the-daaaamn-chaiiiin!

Filled with electro-bangs, clicks, clips, four-on-the-floor beats, and much more, Night Sounds comes off as well produced as anything of the bloghouse heyday of '07-'08. I actually got the chance to hear this at The Beauty Shop a week or so ago as the transitional music for that 'in-between' time for sound checks. As many people will tell you, I absolutely had to know who was responsible for these sounds, thinking that I may have missed out on a new Justice or SebastiAn album release. Much to my astonishment, this was all local -- We'll keep our eye on anything this guy has lined up. Whether it's any more original production, or even shows he has lined up, we'll let all y'all know first.

Night Sounds is way too good to pass up. As a holiday gift from us at the Industry to you, we'll let you in on a little download action. Check out "Goodbye", straight off of Heath Morris' 'Night Sounds' EP - exclusively at Captain Captain Industries.

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