Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Employee of the Week #2

Previous Winner(s) :

  • Michael Vick

In our second installment of the 'Employee of the Week' series, we at the Industry found ourselves debating and had a number of viable candidates. Kanye gets an honorable mention here, but was just edged out by another Midwest hip-hop icon.

Kid CuDi is this week's top employee.

Mr. Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi -- CuDi -- has proven to me that his debut album, Man on the Moon : The End of Day, is completely timeless. Even with new albums dropping left and right (including his own, Man on the Moon II : The Legend of Kid Rager), this record completely holds up. I can't deny that it's still in heavy rotation here @ the Industry. It's been more than a year since the release, and I still can't get enough, and that is more than enough to earn the coveted title of Employee of the Week.

Cleveland is the reason for these quality files :

Kid CuDi - Man on the Moon : The End of Day

Chip Tha Ripper - Ask About Me (Feat Kid Cudi)

Kid Cudi - Lovestoned (Freestyle)

Shout out to all my Moonmen,
C.C.I xx

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