Tuesday, October 5, 2010


As some of you know, I am extraordinarily keen of modern blues revivalists. For a nice portion of my adolescence, The White Stripes dominated my music taste. Jack White's legendary blues guitar skills combined with his 'Jimmy Page' mode provided me with a modern throwback to the days of old. The Strokes did something similar a couple years later, intriguing me with their bare-bones Lou Reed influence and New York pub vocals. Most recently, however, my interest has been peaked by Ohio natives, the Black Keys for many of the same reasons I enjoy the Strokes and the White Stripes.

Now, I may like to sing the blues, but don't let that define me. I've also developed a major liking to rap over the years, with my C.R.E.A.M of the crop being the Wu-Tang Clan. The ingenious of these hip-hop emperors solidified the existence of rap in my life, and even to this day, hip-hop and rap take up around 40-50% of my iTunes library.

So then, combining these two loves, I present to you, Blakroc, the Black Keys' step into the urban appeal. I'm still trippin' over this album. I'll post it up here, but I strongly advise that you buy the album, or at least purchase a T-shirt -- somethin' for tha' ladiez.

Click this link right here for the genre-crossing Blakroc (album)

Hopefully you'll enjoy these cats as much as I.

Signin' Out,
Captain Captain Industries

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