Saturday, September 25, 2010

Swag Week (Part VI) - College Gameday Edition

Ball State - 0 Iowa - 45

Captain Captain Industries will be closed for the remainder of today as a various illness has swept through the main office, getting the Captain in a tremendous funk.

Hey, at least Iowa bounced back after a (predictable) but never-the-less deflating defeat last week in Arizona. Even local backup QB James Vandenberg tossed one in for six. An easy victory is exactly what Iowa needed, as they prepare to rest their starters for next week's Big 10 kickoff against JoePa's Penn State.

I feel better already. *cough cough*
Well, not quite, but it certainly helped.

I'm off to eat some soup (Look at that picture. I want all of that. I swear, being sick is the equivalent of being mecca-stoned. Munchies galore.), drink loads of Canada Dry, and attempt to make an appearance at an anonymous Captain Captain Board Member's birthday bonfire -- except it's been raining all day. Just my luck.

Captain Captain Industries. xx

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