Sunday, September 26, 2010

Swag Week Finale - " 'Environmentally Aware Swaggin' "

This video is a perfect way to celebrate the finale of "Swag Week". Long-time friend Abigail Frerichs performs Switchfoot's 'Dare You To Move' in support of the re-building of the Lake Delhi Dam, which was destroyed on July 24th of this year.

I really need to start playing again. Songs like that are beyond inspiring.

Here's two brothers I went to school with. Their performance of Mayday Parade's 'Miserable at Best' is five minutes and twenty-four seconds of perfection.

I'm definitely feeling the guitar today. The weather's perfect, most of football has hit halftime, and Dexter doesn't start until later tonight. I'm gonna fill up the tank and drive somewhere and re-polish my acoustic "skills". (Note that 'skills' is in quotes...)

More posts later today, but I knew this was the right way to end Swag Week -- on a positive note.


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