Monday, September 20, 2010

The Re-Awakening of Capt. Capt. Ind.

-- Ladies and gentlemen --

On this night, we reclaim what was once ours. I present to you the dawning revival of Captain Captain Industries. While management remains the same, we remain even more dedicated to providing each and every one of our faithful readers with nothing but the sheer thrill of unabashed excellence.

Captain Captain Ind. has provided readers in the past with the 5-star quality music they desire by breaking the barrier in a genre-defined musical landscape. In addition to the classic platform of yesteryear, us at Capt. Capt. Ind. felt it was best to take a new, fresh route to the tactics this time around. There will be no 2008-repeat. This time around, Capt. Capt. Ind. is here to stay.

We do not fall out on our promises, and to prove it, the staff at C.C.I. have provided links to those defining songs the Captain has playing in the main lobby. The Captain does not care about how 'hot' or 'new' the tracks are. That's for the other blogs to do.

One and all, I present : The Rebirth of the Captain.


We Speak No Americano (Chew Fu Rosetta Stone Fix - Extended)

(Culture-friendly dancefloor banger)

Somedayz - Big K.R.I.T

(Modern adaptation to hip-hop anthem, Souls of Mischief's "93 til' Infinity")

True to Life - Royksopp

(Solid backbeat percussion brings gravity to dreamscape vocals)

Welt Am Draht - Pantha du Prince (Animal Collective Remix)

(Animal Collective's complete, quirky sound makes for remarkable remix gem)

Listed are four top-caliber links to four top-caliber artists who won the approval of the Captain's Corporate C.E.O's. Let your fellow peer know that the movement is back -- that Captain Captain's presence is one for the ages. Subscribe to our posts, as together, we will be a force in redefining all.

Sincerely Yours,
Captain Captain Industries xx.

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